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New Features for the All-New Calendar Beta

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New Features for the All-New Calendar Beta

Just a few months back we told you about the launch of an updated version
of the Yahoo! Calendar. The all-new Yahoo! Calendar Beta offers a host
of great features like open standards (iCalendar), personalization with
Flickr and drag-and-drop functionality to name just a few.

Since launching the public beta back in October, the Calendar team
has been working hard behind the scenes to add more of the
fantastically fabulous features (how’s that for alliteration) that
you’ve been asking for. So it is with great pleasure that I can tell
you they’ve just released some really exciting new stuff for you to

  • New Search: You can now search both Calendar and Notepad based on words in your event titles or notes.
  • To-Do Lists: Now you can have multiple to-do lists
    (i.e. Personal, Work, etc.), and you can share to-do lists just like
    you can share your calendar. And if you don’t like to-do lists, you can
    hide them (just click and drag the to-do list to close it).
  • Print: There’s a new print button that allows you to print your Month, Week or Day view.
  • Right-click: A new right-click shortcut menu lets you add and view events, plus more.  Give it a try!

Sounds pretty good, right? I especially like the new right-click
menu to easily add an event to my calendar. If you haven’t tried the
All-new Calendar Beta yet, maybe now is the time. You can move yourself
over to the new calendar by following this link: http://switch.calendar.yahoo.com/. (Just a quick note: if you want to switch back, the new stuff you add won’t come back with you.)


Written by alfa_spb

07.02.2009 в 14:26

Опубликовано в Yahoo!

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